Ridgid Structure

Tilting Suspention

Up to 40KM Range

Light Weight

Quick Folding

Full Specs

Noam Ilan


Ari Rosenzweig

Frame Builder

Amir Zaid

Founder, Designer and CEO

Erez Ben-Haim

R&D Manager

Yehuda Granas


The MUVe concept was born more than 5 years ago by Amir Zaid, a well-known automotive designer who have worked at some of the most prestigious design centers, like Fiat, Pininfarina and Ferrari Since then, our team of skilled engineers and designers, have fully developed the MUVe from concept to a proven vehicle, which we truly believe is the best in the market of LEVs. Recently, we are establishing production lines in Israel and Italy, joining forces with a well proven automotive group in Italy, Blutec Srl., that will start full scale production and marketing during 2016.

The MUVe is an innovative 3 wheel electric personal vehicle that is aimed to transform the way people commute around the city. Utilizing a unique self-centering tilting suspension which offers an intuitive and extremely fun to ride, yet much more stable and safe in compare to any other two wheels competitors.

The vehicle is being built with a state of the art technology, aircraft grade aluminum chassis wrapped with carbon fiber panels offering a rigid and durable structure while keeping weight to the minimum. Folding takes just 10 seconds, so it can easily be carried anywhere like a trolley suitcase. All of this great features makes the MUVe one of the best solutions for urban commuting.